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WebisOnline is very easy to use. In no more than 2-3 minutes after registration you will be ready
to start using all advantages of this service.

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  • Our specialists
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  • Free trial period
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Web chat and calls
all in a single app

Get instantly connected to your clients: web chat allows to achieve the fastest contact. This will make your clients even happier.

Communicate with your clients by voice without using a telephone: easy and quick voice calls are integrated into the web chat window on your website.

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Sound quality and design, this is what counts

WebisOnline widget will perfectly fit your website look thanks to a vast variety of design themes and customization options.

And our sound quality is unbeatably excellent!

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Everything under control:

Advanced statistics system and stored chat logs will allow you to appraise your managers efficiency and optimize your business processes.

Monitor your operators response timings, chat logs, ratings and feedback from visitors.

Перезвоните мне

“Call me back”

Advanced callback request feature

We have all seen those “request a call back” forms of various kinds on many websites. They get your information sent to managers via email. WebisOnline further advances this feature: no more fear of loss of your clients’ data.

No more need to have several forms on your website: all essential features for setting up a clients feedback line and collecting leads are now united in a rich and convenient service.

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More to do with WebisOnline:

Select a department

Choose where your message
will be addressed.
Optimize and organize work process of your online specialists: let the client choose where to address his request. Even if he chooses wrong, the operator will be able to redirect the request to the designated specialist.

Transfer files

Exchange files
Exchange files
with your visitors
Whenever you need to quickly send some price list or submission form to the client, you can do it without leaving your chat window. The client will get your files instantly. He will also be able to download the file again later if he needs to. Same for the clients: they can send you required files at once.

Resume Chat

your visitors
If your client looks aside from chatting with you, you will not lose him. When he re-visits your website, WebisOnline remembers him and loads his full chat history.

Email the chats

Email the chats
Send chat logs
to visitor’s email
The client can request WebisOnline to send the chat log to his email address. The chat log will list all actions, messages and files. The operator also has access to chat logs in his personal area.

Use on Mobile Platforms

Mobile Platform
Accessibility for
mobile devices
Would you like to attract more smartphone users? WebisOnline works perfectly on all modern mobile platforms, its smartphone interface is specially optimized for smooth work.

Secure your connection

Protect your data with SSL
Enable SSL support in your WebisOnline client area and safely exchange sensitive information.