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Do you know what is essential for your company to efficiently work with your clients? We at WebisOnline have put together the features that will help you achieve maximum return from your online business and optimize work with your clients in the company.

Web Chat

Web Chat

Web chat is a feature that allows your visitors to address directly to an operator in your company and ask their questions.

Using web chat on a website converts more visits into desired actions and sales, while advanced chat engagement system is able to offer a live chat to your visitors just when they need it.

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Click-to-Call feature

Click-to-Call feature

Communicate with your visitors in a brand new way.

Each client of yours can now call your manager directly from your website without any cost.

The manager anwers a call in his interface (the same that he uses for chat) and can toggle between text chat and voice calls.

Настройка автоприглашений

Customizable auto engagements
on target pages:

spend your time only on visitors
who are really interested

Customizable auto engagements allow you to specify target pages on your website and automatically issue chat invitations only to visitors whose behavior tells that they are interested.

This feature also allows to make some special offers for your VIP visitors.

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Ratings and Statistics:

learn the true efficiency of your work process

Your visitors rate their chat by various parameters. Thanks to this, you will be perfectly sure if your visitors are happy, and what can be improved.

The statistics on chat usage depending on hours and various managers allows to run your business more efficiently.

WebisOnline provides useful tools for statistics and reports. You can monitor key indicators of your managers in real time.

Design tuning

Design tuning

You can choose one of pre-made design themes for your web chat
or set up a design on your own with CSS styles.

You can also choose the way the chat window is opened:
widget-like or a new window.

Call me Back

«Call me Back»

Advanced callback feature

We have all seen those “request a call back” forms of various kinds on many websites. They get your information sent to managers via email. WebisOnline further advances this feature: no more fear of loss of your clients’ data. No more need to have several forms on your website: all essential features for setting up a clients feedback line and collecting leads are now united in a rich and convenient service.

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More to do with WebisOnline:

Select a department

Choose where your message
will be addressed.
Optimize and organize work process of your online specialists: let the client choose where to address his request. Even if he chooses wrong, the operator will be able to redirect the request to the designated specialist.

Transfer files

Exchange files
Exchange files
with your visitors
Whenever you need to quickly send some price list or submission form to the client, you can do it without leaving your chat window. The client will get your files instantly. He will also be able to download the file again later if he needs to. Same for the clients: they can send you required files at once.

Resume Chat

your visitors
If your client looks aside from chatting with you, you will not lose him. When he re-visits your website, WebisOnline remembers him and loads his full chat history.

Email the chats

Email the chats
Send chat logs
to visitor’s email
The client can request WebisOnline to send the chat log to his email address. The chat log will list all actions, messages and files. The operator also has access to chat logs in his personal area.

Use on Mobile Platforms

Mobile Platform
Accessibility for
mobile devices
Would you like to attract more smartphone users? WebisOnline works perfectly on all modern mobile platforms, its smartphone interface is specially optimized for smooth work.

Secure your connection

Protect your data with SSL
Enable SSL support in your WebisOnline client area and safely exchange sensitive information.