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Online chat for your website

Elegant and professional, WebisOnline web chat
looks perfect on any website.

Design tuning and chat branding

Design tuning and chat branding

You can select one of pre-made design themes for your chat
or tune and brand it yourself, according to colors and styles of your website.

Precisely configured Auto Engagements

Automatic chat engagements encourage visitors who feel interested to contact your skilled manager.

Emailing Chat Logs

Emailing Chat Logs

Visitors can request their chat logs to be sent to their email address.

More features

Click-to-Call feature

Click-to-Call feature
High sound quality
Any client can freely make a call to your manager directly from his browser by clicking a button.
Stereo sound quality. Noice suppression, no interrupts and voice distortions.

Department Selection

Department Selection
Selecting a proper department for visitor’s request
You can let your visitors choose the preferred department to address to, so that they can communicate with a competent specialist with no waste of time.

Resume Chat

Continue an
interrupted dialog
If your visitor has returned after leaving your website, he and his operator will see their previous chat history.

Exchange Files

Transfer files
while you chat
Operator and visitor can exchange necessary files (like invoices or manuals) right in their chat window

Sound Notifications

Be aware of
new events in your chat
Your visitors or operators will not miss a single message even if they are away from keyboard.

Call Me

Everyone’s loved feature
If your visitor feels more comfortable talking over the phone, he will just need to click a callback request button. Your manager will see a request and get in touch with the client.

Offline Mode

Offline Mode
Collect your leads
when everyone is away
Your chat label phrase and chat form behavior change depending on the online status. You can still collect leads and requests when all managers are sleeping.

Quick Answers

Your managers won’t need to re-type same response phrases over and over.
They will simply configure their preferred list of quick answers. Operator greeting will be issued automatically on chat start.

Operator Panel

A convenient user interface is optimized
for speeding up routine tasks.

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Switch between visitors
and other operators

Chat not only with your clients, but with your colleagues as well.

Operator can switch a chat to another manager if a specific assistance is required. It’s totally easy, and the chat history will not be lost.

Gathering and processing information about your visitors

Tracking your website visitors, determining their location, storing chat history and page visits.

If a visitor has not specified his name, operator can manually issue a request form to gather visitor’s contact details or edit his details manually.

Block unwanted visitors and spam senders

A reliable way to quickly protect yourself from spam senders and ill-mannered visitors. Just add a visitor to black list and he will no longet be able to use the chat on your website.

More features

Multiple chats at once

Multiple chats at once
Easily switch between visitors
Operator can chat simultaneously with several visitors, transfer chats to another operators and accept new chats from them.

Chat History

Chat History
A returning client
is easily remembered
Quick access to chat history will help to sped up dealing with questions of returning visitors and find answers to questions that were previously asked by other clients.

Transfer calls
between operators

Transfer calls
Easily switch between calls
and operators
Operators can transfer their voice calls to other operators and switch between several incoming calls himself.

Learn what
visitors think

When a chat is complete,
issue a rating form
The visitor rates the chat operator while or after chatting. The form can react and ask more configurable questions depending on the visitor’s rating

Offline Message

Offline messages arrive to
operator panel and email
All offline messages are sent to the operator panel and duplicated by email.

Chat on Tablets and Smartphones

More mobility brings more clients
Our chat perfectly works in your favorite browser on any OS. Need to leave the office? Finish your chat in your mobile device.

File Transfers

Exchange files between visitors and operators
Operator can quickly send necessary files right from his chat window.

Windows Notiications

New message notifications for operators
Operators will see notifications about new messages in their task bar when using both browser version or standalone application.

Tools for Top Manager

Monitor your operators’ indicators in real time. Look how your visitors rate their chats. Optimize your work process.

Free Test Drive

Operator settings
and departments management

Arrange your operators in departments or branches. You can let your visitors choose a preferred department for their request.

This option is perfect for large and distributed companies, where a lot of managers specify on their own areas

Integration with third-party
sales management services.

WebisOnline can be smoothly integrated with a lot of CRM systems for sales management.

Collect all requests in a single place and send information to your CRM system with a single click. Use your sales funnel at its full power.

Operator Statistics

WebisOnline offeres a good set of tools for statistics and reports. With these tools, you can monitor our managers’ performance in real time

More features

Adding new websites

Add as many websites as you wish
WebisOnline allows operators to work simultaneously with several websites, answering requests in a single interface. You will always know where every request comes from.

Configurable Auto Engagements

Various engagements on various website pages.
You can finely tune your chat engagements with our conditions system. You can even set different engagement layouts for each page / condition.

Finely Tuned
Tariff Plans

Your finances are totally clear.
Various payment methods, online calculations, payment history and balance notifications will make your finances transparent.

Simplicity is our main advantage

We have designed WebisOnline to be easy in everyday use. Now your choice of a web chat is just as easy. We will provide you with a manual for any CMS of your choice.

Just add a line of Javascript code to your website. You will not need to change it in future.